An adventure with mobsters, insect drones, and a swim through raw sewage! Two brothers are forced to ignore their hatred for one another and unite in an action-packed journey!

Mickey “Tilt” Reznor is a play-it-safe guy. For his entire adult life, he has followed the rules and done everything to ensure his own success―attaining good grades, going to college, and even taking a lucrative job building high-tech surveillance drones for the military. But even with all these accomplishments, Tilt has found himself miserable. His path has led him to monotony, emptiness, and a feeling of being trapped. That is, until his brother, Cooper, begs him for help. Cooper has accrued a massive gambling debt to unsavory mobsters and has less than a day to pay it off. With the lure of quick cash from a heist, Tilt sees the opportunity to free himself from his job while also saving his brother. Unfortunately, failure-after-failure cause the brothers to fall deeper into peril, and with world-altering implications on the line, the brothers will have to put aside their petty differences, dreams of wealth, and risk their lives to do the right thing.

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Paperback: $13.99

Hardcover: $17.99