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Lucky Tilt

An adventure with mobsters, insect drones, and a swim through raw sewage! Two brothers are forced to ignore their hatred for one another and unite in an action-packed journey!

Mickey “Tilt” Reznor is a play-it-safe guy. For his entire adult life, he has followed the rules and done everything to ensure his own success―attaining good grades, going to college, and even taking a lucrative job building high-tech surveillance drones for the military. But even with all these accomplishments, Tilt has found himself miserable. His path has led him to monotony, emptiness, and a feeling of being trapped. That is, until his brother, Cooper, begs him for help. Cooper has accrued a massive gambling debt to unsavory mobsters and has less than a day to pay it off. With the lure of quick cash from a heist, Tilt sees the opportunity to free himself from his job while also saving his brother. Unfortunately, failure-after-failure cause the brothers to fall deeper into peril, and with world-altering implications on the line, the brothers will have to put aside their petty differences, dreams of wealth, and risk their lives to do the right thing.

Ebook: $9.99

Paperback: $13.99

Hardcover: $17.99

The Witch of Elkhart

Jack Blackwell thought he was rid of a murderous witch when he killed his possessed mother during his adolescence, but that kind of malevolence always finds its way back into this world!

It’s been years since Jack’s tragedy, yet he hasn’t been free of turmoil. The last known member of cursed bloodline, he finds himself responsible for an indestructible spell-book which imprisons an ancient evil. He desperately searches for a way to rid the world of this book, but all efforts seem fruitless and the ever-present-burden begins to tax his spirit. The only sense of normalcy Jack finds is mentoring two disadvantaged teens living in the same low-income apartments as him. Unfortunately, such young friends combined with his dark secrets can be a toxic mix.

The Haunted House Marathon

One night, five haunted locations, and only one winner can remain!

Owen Webber is a former unpopular kid that has betrayed his own values and reinvented himself as a teenager with an insatiable appetite for danger. To cement his new image and secure his place within the ranks of the popular crowd, he has decided to undertake one of the most dangerous challenges in Fallen Oaks known as The Haunted House Marathon–a contest where six players face five of the most haunted places during Halloween night. Not believing in the paranormal, Owen thinks this will be a joke, but he soon finds that the supernatural is no laughing matter and unless he’s able to change his ways, something more than his reputation will be at stake.   

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